Friday, May 29, 2009

Nathanael Cabral : A Newer, Younger, Fresher Dollar

“I love the idea of rebranding America, but you can't forget Americans still are rather nostalgic about their money. Why do you think we still have pennies when they cost more than 1 cent to make? Therefore, my design keeps a similar theme to the old currency with quite a few fresh updates and ideas. I used color (while still keeping an element of green in the ‘Greenback’, don't worry America!) and more youthful images of our nation's founders and leaders to convey a more vital, energetic, lively nation. Also note that this is the ‘New Dollar’. Other countries have created a ‘new’ version of their old currency when it tanked -- why not America? Also, in my vision, the serial number block is actually more like a gold foil with a holographic US flag, but that may be only a dream.”
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