Monday, June 22, 2009

Buying Into Thin Air : Istvan Banyai : Dollar ReDe$ign

“Because we continue to spend and buy limitlessly on a daily basis, I tried to imagine money as as an indication of different moral signifiers, like a conversation platform that is being constantly reprinted. And because money exchanges hands everyday, money is also one of the most visible and "democratic" pieces of printed media – and we all subscribe to it! So I also wanted to hint at some of the basic concepts of life, what we are here for (I think) in the first place for instance. And even if monetary value is what we can be accounted for when we buy something, money is only a make believe tool. As the Italian proverb says: ‘Arithmetic is not opinion!’ Money only has a projected virtual value. Life has the ultimate value. Yet we continue to build our priceless life with this tool. Therefore, we should use our money wisely, on all levels, public or private – and even if it is printed out of thin air, we will still all buy into it.”

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