Monday, August 3, 2009

Yordan Silvera : Dollar ReDe$ign (DC) : Faces of the Fallen

“In my redesign of the American Dollar I tried to address iconography, subject matter, and differentiation of note, security features, and legibility for the visually impaired. My design embraces the soldiers who died for this country. The current Dollar design presents former presidents. But my concept is a tribute to the men and women from our Armed Forces.

Even today young Americans might be dying, fighting for the dream of democracy. They die with honor, but they pass unknown to the average person. I propose featuring all of those faces of the fallen. This can be done through the technology of variable data. That way each of our bills will have a great value without being really expensive to reproduce, just by its graphic content. I would also like to give the viewer  the chance to identify with the men and women who fought for this country. The main figure on the front of each bill is a portrait of a model of these men (ie Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Astronauts, and even Firefighters) Their silver face would reflect the face of the user. This would be achieved with foil stamp printing technology which would also serve as a security feature. 

Micro printing also appears on the face of the bill. The national anthem of the United States overlaps a typical animal of this country. The introduction of color is also important for easy differentiation of the note. A stable layout can be used to create visual consistency for the whole collection. The different contrasting colors  and large numerals will also help the visually impaired separate the values. There is another feature for blind at the bottom right corner of the front of the bill. A system of six embossed and back glued stars differentiate each value from the other. The Braille system is not used because not all blind or visually impaired Americans know it; this simpler system of stars would be best.”

Yordan Silvera is an artist and graphic designer from Germantown, MD.

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