Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Selling Out : Are We Victims of Economic Over Exposure?

Too Much Money Talk. A recent article in the Ukrainian Newsweek magazine – "Vlast Deneg" – suggests that our global financial crisis has moved away from being an economic issue towards a brand issue, which they feel can actually sell anything. However, the article also suggests that once we loose interest in the credit crunch and our mass media moves on to a new topic, the economy might actually get better. An oxymoron of sorts but perhaps they’re right. All this talk of doom and gloom, credit crisis and financial failure doesn't really get us any closer to economic recovery, it's all just talk. Real economic recovery will only happen when we all feel the need to start shopping and buying various goods and services again, until then the global financial crisis will remain a hot topic for everyone. The article also featured some of our Dollar ReDe$ign submissions to illustrate their point. Is that David Bowie shining shoes? (RS)

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