Monday, June 21, 2010

Green Power : Aaron Albonetti : Dollar ReDe$ign 2010

“For my Dollar redesign I decided to change the bills drastically not only in appearance, but also in construction. Our current money is old money, it's oil money, industrial money. I believe America needs to move away from that and look to the future. To me, the future of America must be a green one. I did away with the dead presidents and instead put an emphasis on green technology. Each bill has its own distinct theme; solar power, wind power, hydro power, and geo-thermal power. The bills are made out of 100% post consumer recycled material and feature such characteristics as Braille numbers, ribbed edges and a soy based security ink. The future is the earth, and I believe our money should remind us of that.”

Aaron Albonetti is a graphic design student and lives in Newport Beach, CA.

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