Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Map Office : HarMoney : Design Boom

map office: harmoney

1 har detail

front view of 1 har

the 'harmoney' project by map office explores how social values can be reflected
in monetary designs. the concept of the project is based on the idea of 'har' which stands
for human accelerated region. it is an hierarchical index of the various aspects of society
and the importance they carry to the country. the project which consists of 5 banknotes
touches upon each level of the index. as you move in the weight of the currency,
this is represented by an index topic of greater importance as well.

1 har - infrastructure (highways/ports)
5 har - technology ( mechanics/electronics)
20 har - work (manufacturing/service)
100 har - life (sports/education)
500 har - ecology (flora/ water)

the project provides an alternative to the conventional capitalist views in which we graphically
give value to money.

back view of 1 har

front view of 5 har

back view of 5 har

front view of 20 har

back view of 20 har

20 har detail

front view of 100 har

back view of 100 har

100 har detail

front view of 500 har

front view of 500 har

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