Thursday, August 26, 2010

American Icons : Matúš Benža : Dollar ReDe$ign 2010

"When I was redesigning the American bank notes, I wanted to create a series of 21st Century, very sleek, modern-looking banknotes, which would not resemble Monopoly money or supermarket coupons. The denominations are distinguished by colour, while maintainingthe constant size...  

When picking up the 'icons' who would adorn my banknotes, I tried to stay away from politics and faces of former presidents as much as possible. The obverse side features a portrait of an influential American - people from different fields of the national heritage - whether it is literature, philosophy, industry, science, charity or fight for human rights. People whose work has had major influence on our lives and on American culture. 

The reverse side features examples of American architecture, ranging from from Native American tipi to Hearst Tower which combines a 1920s base with a cutting-edge 2000s skyscraper."

1 USD: Eleanor Roosevelt, former First Lady and civil rights advocate / Native American tipi – 2 USD: The Wright Brothers, inventors of the world's first successful airplane / Mission San Miguel Arcángel, California – 5 USD: 
Henry Ford, industrialist, supporter of worker's welfare and pacifism, father of the modern assembly line / Washington Monument – 10 USD: Ralph Waldo Emerson, philosopher, lecturer and Transcendentalist author / Statue of Liberty – 20 USD: John Steinbeck, writer, Pulitzer Prize and Nobel Prize for Literature laureate / Gateway Arch, Saint Louise – 50 USD: Thomas Alva Edison, inventor and scientist, whose inventions greatly influenced our everyday lives / Guggenheim Museum – 100 USD: Martin Luther King Jr., prominent leader of the African American civil rights movement / Hearst Tower, New York.

Matúš Benža works and lives in Bratislava, Slovakia as a production manager in performing arts. He is also a graphic design enthusiast. 

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