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Obama and FDR on Proposed American Dollar Re-Design?

by: warner todd huston | published: 08 21, 2010

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A little contest called the Dollar ReDes$ign Project has been launched on the web and I have to say the dismal design offerings being foisted on the public are a wonder to behold. But the worst ones are by Dowling Duncan.

The designs offered by Dowling Duncan a one dollar bill featuring a giant photo of Barak Obama and the 100 dollar bill featuring a photo of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Imagine that, huh?

The two presidents that hated capitalism and wealth most are on these prototypes! FDR and Obama are the most anti-wealth and anti-capitalist presidents we've ever had!! Obama and Roosevelt both made money the root of all evil in their presidencies. Well, except the money they were able to funnel to their pals, supporters, and party members, that is.

Roosevelt constantly kept the nation agitated against "speculators," even as he stole everyone's gold and enriched his pals. Obama has followed suit with his outright hatred of evil "bankers" and his constant attacks on that "greedy Wall Street" while at the same time taking millions in donations from the very people he tries to gin the public up against.

Yet these fools want to put the two most anti-capitalist presidents in history on a re-design of our money?

The irony is just thick, isn't it? Or maybe it isn't "irony"? Maybe it's just leftist hero worship and outright stupidity?


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    Ricky S.

    I get that some would disagree with the chosen Presidents, and don't fault your passion against them, even if I disagree. Historically, it'd make more sense for a Washington, Lincoln, etc to be on money, regardless of political affiliation.

    But to call this the worst redesign is just crazy talk. This redesign is modern, beautiful, well executed, functional and thought out. Drop a couple classic Presidents in there and I'd support printing these suckers.

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    Joe M

    People have to realize the powers that are aligned against the average God fearing American. From professors at colleges who constantly spew out anti Americn rheteroic, to the reporters in the Marxist controlled media who look upon America as a mistake that has to be remedied. We have cancers all through our instituitions that have corrupted our understanding of what role government is supposed to play in our lives. As We The People begin to read the original intent of our founding generation, we start to understand that the big nanny state social utopia isn't even close! Yes we have cancers in our country,the question is, is there a doctor in the house?

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In God We Trust – because we can't trust anyone else, except Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck of course :P

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