Thursday, August 19, 2010

Don't Mess With My Dollars!

Holy mother of all rebranding schemes. Who knew people would get so hot and bothered over a simple redesign. It seems Dowling Duncan's entry into this year's Dollar ReDe$ign competition (featuring President Obama) has created quite a stir. Within the last 24 hours we've seen stories on Yahoo, Time, Gawker, AdWeek and we even got a call from Mad Money Jim Cramer's Main Street blog.

Yet the idea of Change really gets up peoples noses. They complain and moan and point fingers and say 'things need to get better,' but continue to bury their heads in the sand – why does everyone ignore the simple fact that this economy sucks and the American Dream is falling apart. It will be just a matter of time before the rats start leaving the sinking ship and all the blind sighted will be left to watch the circus roll into town led by Pailin, Limbaugh and Beck.

It's time to wake up and smell the coffee America! It's time to take matters into your own hands and turn this ship around. Wall Street is NOT going to help you. The government is NOT going to help you. You need to help yourselves before there is nothing left for you to play with.

Here's a collection of comments from around the globe: 

"Awful. I have never seen a worse collection. Is this a joke?"

"I'm voting for the crayon version (Dylan Smith), it's obviously the best."


"Looks too European."


"The first African American president, based on the color of his skin, a racist reason. Base it on his achievements and knowledge and he wouldn't even get a 1 cent coin."


"Amazing. They all look actually worse than the stillbirth called Euro. Quite a feat, considering that the Euro notes are really the ugliest notes on the planet."


"If Euro has the ugliest note on planet ALL of these entries are RIDICULOUS, it has no sense of graphic, all the typo is horrible and the image editing is unbelievable. Shame on you"


"Why do they look like Trivia Pursuit game cards? Are there answers on the backsides?"


"Who the f*** holds their wallet vertically???"


"Who 'reads' their money when it is in their wallet?"


"Somehow I don't think that 'pinkbacks,' 'limebacks' or 'tangerinebacks' roll off the tongue quite like 'greenbacks.'


"Obama does not belong on US money ... he is nothing more than a black african muslim that got into American politics by the crooks in Chicago and voted in as president by Acorn and the vast minorities."


"At first i thought it was the new food stamp."


"This is a hoot, Ohomie the Clown on a US banknote, Bill 'the Zipper' Clinton will get one before that ever happens."


"Don't mess with 'real' money."


"Soul less."




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