Sunday, August 22, 2010

You're My Hero : Amy Fallon : Dollar ReDe$ign 2010

"The theme for my Dollar design is: A Tribute to the Working Class Hero. In it's overall design I have maintained the visual foundation of the current Dollar as I feel it holds a strong identity that shouldn't be lost entirely. I also feel being too ambitious with the re-design of a bank note can lead to outcomes that look more like Monopoly tender. On each denomination, rather than incorporating an image of a figure who is powerful, wealthy, famous, in control etc. I have honoured the people who live modestly in professions that are imperetive to the wellfare of each and every one of us. The square space on each of the bills are part of my counterfeit security concept. This is my concept for Light Sensor Bank Note Security:
In each of those spaces there is a small square of semi-translucent film embedded in the dollar bill. To authenticate the bill it is held into a module which comprises of a Visible Light Meter and a specific light source. The light travels through the semi-translucent film giving a reading on the VLM which authenticates itself against a corresponding key code on the bill. It would be extremely difficult to duplicate a note that used a tinted window which must bare the correct reading when placed against the light source (which is of a set standard) and display the same light readings to authenticate the bill.

Amy Fallon is from Yorkshire, England, and recently finished University studying Graphic Design, Illustration and Digital Media. She is also in the early stages of starting her own graphic design company.

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