Monday, September 6, 2010

Money That Works : Artomatic/ Flashpoint : Dollar ReDe$ign 2010

"In this collaboration we thought we’d approach currency from a user’s perspective: what it is, how it’s used and people’s relationship with it. American currency has one prominent feature–all the notes are the same size. Obviously, there are advantages to this. It’s easy to handle mechanically (for banks, government, etc) and it makes it very tactile. Watch anyone who has lots of cash and see how the money flows through their hands, how they’re able to physically handle hundreds of bills in a way that disparately sized notes wouldn’t allow. There are disadvantages too. Obviously for blind and partially-sighted people, but also for people who are just in a hurry, or for whatever reason, are prone or likely to make a mistake. Even if your eyes are good, it all looks the same. So, our idea is to make the dollar more practical. Like the Australian Dollar, these would be made of a synthetic material, but they’re not printed. Instead they’re moulded into a three-dimensional shape, whereby the details of the graphic design are in three-dimensional relief from the surface. 

To further aid the distinction between the different notes, they’re made in strikingly different colours so there can be no mistake how much you’re handing over. Currency is very consistent. We handle it every single day; we all know what it feels like in our hands; we’re intimate with it. Our design makes use of this unique relationship by making the different denominations of varying thicknesses so that each feels different from another to anyone who’s holding them, whether in their hand or in a wad of cash. In that way, we also remind people of the relative value of each denomination. Cash is a physical currency, after all."

Flashpoint is a multi-disciplinary branding agency based in Richmond, VA. Their work can be viewed here:
Artomatic creates physical communications in London, UK. Their work can be seen here:

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