Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Social Media Rules! : Competition Update

They Think It's All Over. Like they say 'it ain't over till the fat lady sings' and clearly in this year's Dollar ReDe$ign Competition that really is true. For a while the dynamic 'limey' English duo of Dowling Duncan looked like they were never to be beat! Until recent RISD graduate Ani Ardzivian came along that is. Even Dan Swenson's submission (which was one of the first we received) looked like a clear second place runner up for a long time, only to be eclipsed by Ardzivian within a matter of days.
We asked Ani "how come?" Her response was simple, social networking ... "I have had many many friends and family members helping me out. I have constantly been emailing friends and friend's of friends in hopes that they could spread the word to their friends and I even made a public events page. I have even taken a trip back to RISD to encourage people to vote there too! I got a list of all of the 2010 graduated alumni and I emailed them along with my teachers (and asked them to pass the word). In addition I have a huge Armenian community backing me up from all over the world. The project's link is also posted on my church's website. I even wrote my neighbors a letter!"

Lesson Learned? If you really want to win that iPad you have to get on the case and spread the word virally and in person too. It's an exciting end to this year's competition which could see Dowling Duncan being kicked off the top spot despite being responsible for really turning this year's competition around. But at the end of the day, again like they say, "it's still anyone's game."

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