Monday, September 20, 2010

Wow What a Weekend! : Numbers Game : Dollar ReDe$ign Project : Poll Update

This weekend saw a massive jump in visitors to our site, thanks initially to the Huffington Post and then Yahoo. By end of day Saturday we saw more than 100,000 visitors, our biggest single day ever, it was if someone flicked a switch. Our poll now stands at 40,000 plus votes and we have a new top ten (see chart below) with Dowling Duncan still holding on to their substantial lead but we now have two new runners up – Sean Flanagan (pictured above) and Lee Willet (pictured below). 

Our Facebook fan page now has close to 1,500 likes and our petition (currently down) has almost 3,000 signatures. Yet not everyone was happy. Needless to say the hate mail and objections came thick and fast, accusations came flying at us relentlessly all weekend and somehow our idea of redesigning the US Dollar has gone from being just a simple concept to help kick start our economy into a politically (and religiously) biased 'Fox-fest.' C'est la vie. We always knew we might ruffle some feathers along the way. It's just part of the democratic process. Regardless, thank you to everyone on all sides of the fence for moving possibility closer to probability.

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