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Class Act : South Hills College, PA : Dollar ReDe$ign

Students at South Hills School of Business & Technology, Pennsylvania, decided recently to take matters into their own hands and rise to the Dollar ReDe$ign challenge en masse.

Luciano Sormani 

The theme I picked for my dollar redesign is: America, its women and its ships. It focuses on strong, iconic women and their naval counterparts. My goal was to make money sexy again, do away with the monochromatic, antiquated feel of the current currency, but instead create a design for the new century, in which women play an ever increasing role. The design tries to bring back the positive feelings once associated with money. Instead of seeing it as a source of woe and misery, this curren cy design says it’s fun to make money, and to spend money. The front sides show us iconic role models from different age groups, professions and race. They inspire confidence and at the same time remind us that anything is possible.

[[posterous-content:pid___0]]The design is based on an embedded barcode that not only lends consistency, but also works as a tracking method. Bright colors and patterns enhance the ‘good vibe’ associated with having and spending money. Large type, Braille code and multilingual denomination make sure that most people will be able to use this currency without problems.

The bill redesign features many safety features, from a traceable barcode, micro type that’s not legible with the naked eye and an image created out of dots that only appears in the right printing configuration.

Joshua Lamey 

I decided to focus my designs on scientists. I thought it would be nice to dedicate it to people who have made advancements to society,

[[posterous-content:pid___1]]There is a consistency in color and the chosen scientist. I chose violet for Einstein because i thought it best visualizes space and physics.

For Darwin, I chose green because I thought it best represents life and biology. For Tesla, I chose blue to illustrate electrical engineering.

Kayleigh Mital 

[[posterous-content:pid___2]]Jorge Jovel 

Here is my one dollar, five dollar, and ten dollar redesign. When we were asked to redesign the American dollar, I thought the Native Americans deserved a chance to be displayed on one of this countries most viewed item; the one dollar bill. After all the Native Americans are the true Americans. I wanted the five dollar bill to represent the world and remind us of what could happen if we don't take care of our pollution and waste.

[[posterous-content:pid___3]]If you notice the bill has a green feel to it, but you can see smog start to cover part of it; these bills go through so many hands and I figured why not advertise a green new world. The ten dollar bill was dedicated to our first African American president. President Obama made history by becoming the first Black American to become a president of the United States after years of slavery the African American people have gotten something back.

Alissa Pendorf 

My currency is based on the theme of transportation that changed America.  Though the airplane, steam locomotive, and automobile were first invented in Europe, they were highly experimental. Four American men — Orville and George Wright, John Stevens, and Henry Ford — further advanced these designs into fully functional, widely used machines that revolutionized American infrastructure.

[[posterous-content:pid___4]]The airplane was quickly adopted by the military and was a major contributor to the future of space exploration. The steam train was used to efficiently transport large quantities of people and heavy building supplies to undeveloped parts of the country. The automobile, of course, transformed personal transportation. These three modes of transportation changed the way America functioned and were vital to its growth of technology and culture in the 18th and 19th century. 

Daron Coine

[[posterous-content:pid___5]]Kali Phillips 

For my dollar bills, I chose to keep them clean and simple. I did not want to go too crazy with decorations, but I wanted each bill to stand out. I used different vibrant colors for each bill. 

For the one dollar bill, I chose to use a lime green background. The strip of green is a different shade from the background. I used a texture tool on it to make it have a used feel. I only used the President, serial number, Federal Reserve circle, the Eagle circle and the Pyramid circle.

[[posterous-content:pid___6]]On the five dollar bill, I used a dark blue/purple color for the background. I also used the texture tool on this to give it some definition. For the strip, I used a lighter blue color to make it stand out. For the President, I put a drop shadow behind him to make him stand out more as well.

On the twenty dollar bill, I used a hot pink background. I used the texture tool on this as well. I made the opacity on the President a little less so that you could still see him, but not completely. I did that for counterfeiting issues. 

I used the texture tool on each bill because I thought that it would make counterfeiting more complicated because each bill has a different level of the texture. Also, each President has different levels of opacity, which I thought would be a good idea to prevent counterfeiting. 

Maggie Harbison

For my dollar bill redesign I decided to use animals that have come to be associated with the US. For the one dollar bill, I chose the bald eagle since it's a widely recognized symbol of the country.

[[posterous-content:pid___7]]I used mustangs and buffalo for the other two bills because of the role both animals played in our history, especially as we began expanding westward. I tried to keep the design fairly simple and straightforward and used the different colors to help differentiate between the bills more easily.

Nick Anna

[[posterous-content:pid___8]]© Copyright 2011 The ‘Authors’. All rights reserved. 
These designs are NOT legal tender. 

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