Friday, August 27, 2010

Balancing Act : Karen McAniff : Dollar ReDe$ign 2010

"After looking at several of the Dollar redesigns I was inspired to create my own. I wanted the new design to have the following elements: easily recognizable as US currency, timeless, and simple.

When redesigning and re-branding something that is so massively used such as the US currency you have to be careful not to depart entirely from the current design. A lot the submissions in the Dollar ReDe$ign Project are quite eye catching and beautiful but are so totally different from our current bills that they aren’t practical. The new redesign needs to be modern but not trendy and must seamlessly transition into production. 

In the five Dollar bills that I redesigned I wanted to use some of the familiar elements in our current bills, such as the typeface of the '5' - which I included as a watermark behind the federal stamps. I also included braille in the bottom left corner which would read the money amount so that the seeing impaired would know to feel the corner to distinguish the currency amount. The small holographic type triangles on the right of the bill would reduce the ability to produce counterfeit bills."

Karen McAniff is a web designer and currently lives in the Greater Seattle Area. She is also cofounder of which collects and analyzes all tweets around popular movies and provides users with a rating based on the crowd's opinion. 

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