Friday, August 27, 2010

Eye See You : Chris Jennings : Dollar ReDe$ign 2010

"The purpose of this redesign is to give our currency a fresh, eye catching look while still adhering to the stylistic queues and features that we are all familiar with. First and foremost, I have created a consistent look and feel for all the notes in the series. I then gave more emphasis to the individual amounts by making them centrally located and easy to read. The dimension and color scheme of the bills remain unchanged. The result is money that fits comfortably in existing ATMs, cash registers, and wallets; is still very American but with a striking updated look that sets it apart from other currency.

For visually impaired users, I included braille numerals on all the bills in a consistent location. Paired with the large numerals, this would help users with a variety of visual handicaps.

Embedded in the security features of all the bills is another important aspect of our U.S. currency, cryptic references to a variety of conspiracies and the impending rule of a New World Order. The small pattern of 1s on the One Dollar note, for example, appears random. Closer inspection, however, reveals the hidden layout of monuments in our nation's capitol; purposely set in place by a masonic conspiracy. The 10 Dollar note, likewise, contains a star chart for locating the home of alien visitor's whose technology our scientists have appropriated."

Chris Jennings is a senior illustrator at Dedo Interactive Inc, Dallas, TX.

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