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The Future Is Now : Jon Stefaniak : Dollar ReDe$ign 2010

"One fact I quickly realized as I went through the discovery process for this project is that our current bank notes are, for all intents and purposes, surprisingly adequate for delivering a highly secured and easily distinguishable form of currency. With that in mind, I thought it wise not to completely derail from the current design and instead enhance some of its best features. The following list highlights these changes.
Keep the green! The minute you lose the green is the minute it becomes monopoly money. That said, I wasn't opposed to introducing a more 'patriotic' color pallet either. So naturally I turned to Old Glory for inspiration, only to find an instantly recognizable color trio, the good ol' red, white and blue.

Let's FACE it... What stands out the most about our currency are the portraits of the great figureheads and leaders in this nation's history. Ask anybody who's on the 100 dollar bill and they'll tell you it's my boy, Benny Franklin. It's for this reason I chose to bring even more of an emphasis to these portraits.

Sans is the new Serif. One of the best ways to bring our greenbacks up to the 21st century is to nix the victorian looking, serif fonts. Iconic as they may be, America is all about 'change,' and this typographical baby needs a new diaper.

You lookin' at me? No? Good. The portraits of our nations leaders are now facing outward, into infinity and beyond. The directly facing portraits on our current bank notes always makes me feel like a dirty old man is watching me, which is why I leave my wallet at my desk when I go to use the restroom.

Mix it up! Hey, I admire many of our founding fathers, but we've had some good... make that great leaders along the way too. I replaced Hamilton and Jackson on the $10 and $20 respectively with a couple of more recent presidents – imagine 'W' on the $20! – and Kennedy, who diverted a NUCLEAR catastrophe for cryin' out loud. Name another president who's done that. Uh huh, that's what I thought. Booyah!

Stand tall... Turning the format of the bank notes 90 degrees seriously makes for better usability (thanks Dowling Duncan for doing a little R&D).

Are you blind? If so, there's embossed braille at the top corner of every note for the visually impaired to easily identify which bill they're pulling out of their wallet. Braille-iant!

Help me, Obi-Wan... Yeah, as cool as holograms are, they're still a ways out to being a reality. But playing second fiddle are holographic stickers and imprints, which would help bring those awfully bland looking treasury seals to life. That is why I incorporated them on every bank note... The future is now."

Jon Stefaniak, is an art director located in Dallas, TX. You can check out some of his work here.

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